Human Development Report

the next Report


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the theme

The next Latvia Human Development Report will focus on the public policy process in Latvia.

Based on the results of a series of brainstorming meetings with former Latvia Human Development Report authors and other experts, UNDP Latvia formulated a so-called "concept paper", which outlines the basic elements of the next Latvia Human Development Report. Read the concept paper by clicking here.

the team

The composition of the team preparing the next Latvia Human Development Report is now complete with the following experts contributing to the Report:

Talis Tisenkopfs (editor-in-chief)
Janis Ikstens
Valts Kalnins
Vladimirs Mensikovs
Astrida Neimane
Aivita Putnina
Pauls Raudseps
Aija Rieba
Linda Ziverte

coming up soon

The Latvia Human Development Report team has completed the first draft of the new Report.

Two round-table discussions were held at the end of November to present the draft chapters and get immediate feedback from a selected group of public policy practitioners.

If you have any coments for the team, please send them via UNDP Latvia.


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