The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

The goal of UNFPA is to tackle population development problems by focusing on the improvement of people’s reproductive health. UNFPA supports national initiatives in the realm of reproductive health as well as public awareness raising in order to improve the quality of reproductive health care. Promotion of reproductive and sexual health, as well as prevention of HIV/AIDS among young people are the main target areas of UNFPA in Latvia.

UNFPA commenced its work in Latvia in 1995.  

Project: Coordinated Support to Young People's Health and Development in Latvia

Call for application - Deadline August 31, 2002

International Short Programme on the Demographic Aspects of Population Ageing and its Implications for Socio-Economic Development, Policies and Plans.
Malta, 4-15 November, 2002
Additional information: Internationa Institute on Aeging or Ilze Jekabsone phone 750-3684

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Ms. Ilze Jekabsone
Inter-agency Coordinator
on Young People's
Health and Development

Pils iela 21
Riga LV-1167, LATVIA

Tel: +371 - 750 3600
Fax: +371 - 750 3601