The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

The mandate of UNHCR is to provide international protection to refugees and seek permanent solutions to refugee problems. UNHCR is mandated to ensure that country of asylum protects refugees and to assist governments in that task. Its main role is to ensure that states are aware of, and act on, their obligations to protect refugees and persons seeking asylum.

Since 1991, UNHCR’s Regional Office for the Nordic and Baltic Countries in Stockholm has been covering all three Baltic countries including Latvia. A Liaison Office for the Baltic Countries opened in Riga in late 1998 to provide assistance to Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian governments during the adoption and implementation of necessary legal acts in the field of asylum. The Liaison office was closed on 31 March 2002, when all three countries adopted their national asylum laws, established institutions responsible for the examination of asylum claims and accumulated experience in dealing with asylum seekers.  Since 31 March 2002, one UNHCR Liaison Officer in each Baltic country is continuing to support governments and NGOs in the implementation of national asylum systems in accordance with international standards.

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Ms. Dace Ose
UNHCR Liaison
Officer in Latvia

Pils iela 21
Riga LV-1167, LATVIA

Tel: +371 - 750 3624
Fax: +371 - 750 3602